YES 2020


There are some given themes to work on, but if you want you can go wild and free with your amazing ideas.

  • Spare the Air: Anything that motivates , tracks or improves air quality.
  • Cleanup: A pitch for something to use to cleanup parks, beaches, or such.
  • Sea-Scapes: Keep the ocean clean! Save the animals! Oil spills!
  • Climate Change: We think you know enough about this one..
  • Or you could surprise us with something new! 

This competition is for grades 5 - 12. There will be two categories. Grades 5-8 will make up Category Underoos, and Category Flame will be made of grades 9-12. You can compete solo or with a team of a maximum of six people. 

Category Underoos

Summary Below:

For this competition, you will have to be in the position of a young entrepreneur. You will have to create a pitch(and a storyboard) for a product or an app (hardware or software) that will help out in any of the given themes or your own (as long as it contributes to helping sustainability), you can feel free to come up with a website (optional), and you will have to bring a working prototype to the competition and show our panel of judges a demonstration. If any of you watch shark tank, it will be something like that (except with younger people and no investing). 

There are four critical main things that you will be judges on (Note: You will execute all these tasks in front of an audience)

Storyboard(10 points):

Can be a trifold poster board (cardboard) and must be handwritten. It also should have your Bill of Materials. Feel free to express your creativity in your posterboard. We want something out of the box. Show us your journey till where you are now, and your product's journey too!

Pitch (30 points):

Your pitch is going to be very important when trying to get people to believe in your product. Your speaking and marketing skills will be put to the test as you are put in front of a panel of grueling judges. You will have to walk us through all the plot points of your product's prototypes and such.

Prototype Showcase(15 points):

Give us a rundown on how your prototype works, What science/ scientific theories did you use, and tell us what materials you used and what your device specifications are. 

Performance(35 points)

Now, the ultimate test! We are going to see whether your product actually works. Show us a demonstration of your product in action and show us all your team's magic!

There will be a prize for each separate category, and the will be a best overall award, the SPARK award! And also as a bonus - We have the video challenge, You and your team can (optional) create a video/i-movie with an ad for your sustainability product and submit that ad, and it will be judged, the winner will also get an award.

Both software and/or hardware products can be submitted or hacked for these themes. Team will be judged on business plan, product, creativity and presentation. Decisions from the judges are final. Pre-hacks are allowed. Please see details below.


Date        : TBA (To be Announced)

Grades    :  5 - 12 grades

Location : To be Announced

Charge    :TBA



  • This event is reserved exclusively for students in grade 5-12. Anyone older or younger is not permitted.
  • Participants need to register online must register onsite by 2/1/2019. There is limited seating and limit to maximum numbers of participants. Please register as soon as possible.
  • All teams retain ownership of their product and any intellectual property, including source code, such as sound files, 3D models, etc.
  • Food, drink, and swag will be provided free of cost to all registered attendees.
  • Using any open source code or API is allowed. However, stealing code and other intellectual property that is not open source or openly available is not permitted and will result in disqualification.
  • Working on your hack before the event officially starts is allowed. Pre-hacking is encouraged for the teams.
  • Team sizes must be at most 6. If your team size is not within the limit described, you will be disqualified from winning any prizes.
  • You must bring your own laptop, chargers and other hardware to hack on.
  • Please be gentle around all hardware and work space that is provided to you at the hackathon. You must pay for any damages caused to the hardware (that is not your own).
  • Any hack which causes damage to a third party without specific consent from the third party is not allowed and will result in instant disqualification. This includes but is not limited to denial of service attacks and deploying computer viruses of any kind.
  • You may not leave the venue at any time without informing one of the organizers. This rule is in place for security and safety purposes.
  • Alcohol will not be served and is not permitted. Any dangerous weapon, firearm, or other harmful device are forbidden. Smoking and smoking devices are also prohibited. This includes but is not limited to e-cigarettes, Juuls, etc.
  • Parents / Guardians are encouraged to be in the area but they must not be in the area.
  • Any inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. Committing any of these actions will result in disqualification. In case you see a violation of any of the rules outlined above, please reach out to any of the organizers.
  • Any other violations of any common sense rules, harassment of staff, or other inexcusable behavior, as determined by staff, are not allowed.