TECH - Are we overusing it?

Authored by: Uma Saxena.  Edited by: Ananya Pradhan.


As we all know and love, we have made many impressive accomplishments with tech! But it’s important to know if are we using it too much. Since the 30’s we have continuously improved our devices, and now we are using them in everyday things from fridges to Artificial Intelligence (echos).

Now it is the new everlasting trend. Some hate it, some love it. Media is here to stay and we should accept it because it is amazing and it helps shape the world. It is incredible that you can connect to someone across the world in a minute. Our tech can remind us of important events in an arranged series of time.

On the contrary, kids and adults have too much screen time. For hours, kids are sitting staring blankly at a screen watching TV or playing video games while they could be outside riding their bikes, laughing and playing. To prove my point, the average american spends about an hour on social media. Every minute, there are half a million tweets and Snapchat photos shared! Hard to believe but it’s true! Sometimes, we let technology overpower our lives.


We have created technology, so rather than being addicts of tech, we should harness it to our advantage.


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