Make Hackathons simple and fun for kids 

Did you know? - Coding Hackathons are way more fun than scary!!

When I first thought of a coding hackathon, I thought monotonous hours of staring at a computer screen and coding with some complex language. Well, when I arrived at my first kids coding hackathon, I was utterly amazed. It was not at all like what I imagined, I made all kinds of friends. 

We sat together, helped one another, and coded in an exciting and fun language called ‘Scratch’. By the end of the hackathon, I wanted to stay and continue coding. The hackathon was by far an awesome, fun experience that ignited my interest in coding. My first hackathon was organized by at Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara, a community based tech hub. The morning of the day saw a USCF rated Chess Quad tournament in partnership with NorCal House of Chess.

In this starter hackathon, we were given a time limit of  3 hours to make a fun and interactive game. Our games were judged by a professor from the CMU and an eleventh grader from The Harker School. We were judged on creativity, design, coding complexity and the functionality of our games. On that day, all of us coders created something special, a community. We learnt more coding in fun ways.

To see some of our projects, click on this link → To see our posts and upcoming events go to  Hope to see you there.

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Authored by  Ananya Pradhan

Authored by - Ananya Pradhan:


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