DADS - What they do for us.

My dad and I

My dad is one of the most amazing people that anyone can possibly meet. He is determined, intelligent, caring and he is a founder just like me. Ever since I was small, my inspiration has always been my dad. He taught me how to believe, how to work hard and how to lead. He is my mentor, guiding me and my spirit along the right path. He helped me a lot with organizing our hackathon/chess quads and build the company.

All dads

To all those dads out there, just want to let you know that you actually contribute a lot to your children and their aspirations. According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, a highly involved father has a great positive impact on a child’s life, and research shows that more father-child contact within the first 10 years lead to kids with fewer behavioral problems and high marks on reading achievement tests. If you think new moms are the only ones who feel guilty leaving their kids for even a short time, you'd be wrong. In a 2014 study of working mothers and fathers in focus groups by researchers at Kansas State University, it was found that men have to deal with their feelings when it comes to balancing family and fitness.


If you are a dad or a kid reading this blog just know, that your dad/ kid loves you more than anything in the world, so you should try to establish a two-way connection. Spending more time with your dad, teaches kids how to lead, code and how to learn. Lots of bay area news channels are making headlines about how girls should not be afraid to be anyone and be whoever they want to be.The first step of that journey is with your dad at home.

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Authored by  Ananya Pradhan


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